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05/21/2011    BusArrTime App is terminated. We have made a final decision to terminate this App. Reasons for Termination.

05/09/2011    Discover that www.sbstransit.com.sg mobileiris has added verification code to block other apps from using its service.

11/22/2010    Apple approved Version 3.0

11/18/2010    Version 3.0 submitted To Apple for approval. Want to know what’s new in version 3.0. Click Here.


Ready. Apple approved Version 3.0 on 22 Nov 2010.


Want To Know when your bus arrived? This app help to get the next and subsequent bus arrival time by pulling data from the sbstransit.com website. This app is free.


  1. 1.Add/delete favorite.

  2. 2.Get next and subsequent bus arrival time.

  3. 3.Get service number of the bus stop based on bus stop number.

  4. 4.Get up to 3 bus services arrival time at one go.

  5. 5.Check bus stop number by road name.

  6. 6.Set Alarm to notify user before bus arrival.