Reasons for Termination


Thank You And Good bye

BusArrTime has serviced the public free for almost two years. We will like to say thank you for the supports. It has more than 50000 downloads. More than 100 new downloads every day. 30000 active users base on number of updates in a months when new release is available. We have made a final decision on 21 May 2011 to terminate this App. It is time to say good bye.


  1. 1.SBS has launched its own iPhone App.

  2. 2.SBS has blocked other app from accessing its service using validation code.

We have think about forwarding the validation code for users to enter so that we can continue getting the data from SBS. When using this method, there will be extra jobs for the users. Even though, this will work, SBS will continue changing their code and block other app from accessing. Therefore, we made the final call to terminate the App.

  1. 3.At the end, it is their system, we have no control over it. Without their support, this App can hardly work.

ShutDown NOW.