LetterWord is an iPhone App for children to play and learn words at the same time. The way to play is like the Hangman game. We used balloon as your life instead of a man being hang when you lose, so that it is suitable for children to play. The game added achievements in it that new difficulty level will be unlocked when user scores a certain points. It also unlocks new faces when certain points is reached. Now come with themes for version 1.1(Cloudy, Snow and Night).

There is two versions for this game. One is the paid version (USD 0.99) and the other is a FREE version. The paid version will earn certain credits depend on the word’s difficulty. The more difficult word has higher credits. Credits are used for buying hints or reviewing a letter in a word during a gameplay. The FREE version will not earn credits and it will come with advertisement (iAd) .

LetterWord iPhone App

News: New version 1.1 released on 4 Jan 2011.


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